Christine Klocek-Lim reviews Blueshifting

A review of Blueshifting by Christine Klocek-Lim:

…As I thumbed through this chapbook, I was struck by the way Kamins threaded the scientific images with intellectual realization…. This poem reminds me to always wonder, always question the universe, even as I recognize the familiar in that which can’t be named.


Robert Hewitt reviews Blueshifting

Poetry and Life Enhancement: A review of Blueshifting by Robert Hewitt:

In some ways, the gist of her poetry is reminiscent of the phenomenon of peripheral vision in which you’re positive something has slipped into the perimeter of your consciousness only to vanish before you can fully register what it is.

David Allan Barker reviews Blueshifting

A review of Blueshifting by David Allan Barker:

With poem titles like Making Time, Devolution, Entropy, Relativity, Dark Matter, and with an epigraph from Carl Sagan, and references to Mastodons, petroglyphs and quantum states, one might expect to find a collection of science-nerd poems. But science itself has changed (and maybe rescued poetry in the process). We don’t live in a deterministic universe of Newtonian mechanics. Yes, “The world / wheels toward the inevitable”. But we live in a universe of unobservable observations and strange attractions. The path to the inevitable is not fixed.