The manatees could come at any moment

When will the manatees show up? What will they predict? Find out in my short story “The Manatees,” out now from Betwixt Magazine!

8 thoughts on “The manatees could come at any moment”

  1. This was lovely–the story of adolescence and flubbing your way through things you are supposed to know but have no way of knowing. Or is that adulthood…or… πŸ™‚

  2. I just read this story and really enjoyed it! How did you come up with matinees as the creature to visit the adolescents? When they came through the drain I was reminded of all the unpleasant things living in my drain, I’m glad they weren’t cockroaches or daddy-long-legs. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I was once ill and had badly swollen ankles, and as I sat in the bathtub looking at them, the thought “how did those manatees get in here?” passed through my mind. It stuck with me, and years later, it found its way into a story.

  3. While researching SFF markets, I came upon Betwixt, read this story, and absolutely loved it. Wonderful and evocative idea, well-told. Thanks! (It makes me think well of Betwixt as a market, too.)

  4. Nice work. The manatees are a very pliable and fun metaphor. My manatees told me I would one day post about them on an internet message board and today it looks like their prediction came true.

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